Visit of Vice President


Visit of Vice President of Indonesia to South Korea

Sunday morning, February 24, 2013 around 08:50 hours the aircraft carrying the Vice President of Indonesia and his entourage landed in Seongnam Air Base, Seoul. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Korea, as well as the Director of Protocol and Ambassador Indonesia to Korea immediately welcomed Mr. Vice President and Mrs. Herawati Boediono.

During his visit, the Vice President was accompanied by Head of Speakers from House of Regional Representative (DPD), Irman Gusman, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wardana, Vice Speakers of DPD, GKR Hemas, Secretary for Vice President, Mohammad Oemar, and Deputy of Secretary for Vice President, Dr. Dewi Fortuna Anwar. Vice President's visit was to attend the inauguration of Korean President, Park Geun Hye.

Meeting with Indonesia Community in Korea
On the afternoon, the Vice President held a meeting with the Indonesia community in South Korea at Wisma Duta, Embassy of Indonesia in Seoul. During his speech, the Vice President stated that the general situation in Indonesia is good compared to other countries with unstable condition in politics and economics. The vice president also said that amid global economic crisis, Indonesia had a great strength and ranked in second after China.

Regarding the presence of more than 30 thousand workers in South Korea, the Vice President admitted that job opportunities in Indonesia has not been able to accommodate the existing workforce. "The presence of thousands of workers in Korea should be grateful, and someday when our economy is getting better with more jobs available, they will return to the homeland", said the Vice President.
The vice president said that every citizen abroad is expected to go back and contribute their effort for the country. Overseas citizens are a significant part of Indonesia. They should not miss any opportunity to contribute to Indonesia.

In addition, Vice President also said that a lot of things can be learned from Korea, among others is the work ethic. High morale and discipline produce improvement, including technological advances. "In addition to the work ethic, we have to improve our soft skills and love for the motherland. Finally, the key to the development of our nation rely on the young generations."

In respond to a question from one of the Indonesian workers in Korea, the vice president said that all of the experience, skills and capital gained in Korea can be used to start business in Indonesia. So they should not be a permanent workers in foreign country.

A South Korean professor who had taught at the University of Gajah Mada mentioned that Indonesia should play greater role in the issue of Korean peninsula, such as Jakarta Informal Meeting which held to resolve the Cambodian conflict. Responding to this question, the Vice President said that there is more appropriate forum which is the Six Party Talks and Indonesia can play a role in this case in a larger context.

The Inauguration of South Korean President
The next morning, February 25, Vice President and Mrs. Herawati Boediono accompanied by officials attended the inauguration of South Korean President, Park Geun Hye, at the lawn of Korea National Assembly which is located in the vicinity of Indonesia Embassy.

Also attended the ceremony, heads of government/state, ministers, high-ranking officials from 26 countries. Heads of State in attendance were Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra, and Prime Minister of East Timor, Xanana Gusmao. Other high-ranking officials include former Prime Minister of Singapore, Vice President of Afghanistan and Vice President of Vetnam.

Meeting with South Korean Businessmen
The Vice President scheduled a meeting in the afternoon with leaders of major companies in Korea, namely LG, POSCO and KEPCO.

Chairman of LG expressed his wish to expand its investment in mining and power generation. The Vice President said the relations between the two countries are complementary. "Indonesia has what Korea doesn't have, and vice versa. The synergy is very strong, and in the global economic, complementary cooperation will do well without being affected by the world economic turmoil."

Chairman of POSCO delivered the latest development of cooperation with PT Krakatau Steel in Cilegon, Banten, where the establishment of steel production has reached 75% and it will be unveiled in December. Today, the 1200 workforces have been recruited from 4000 labors needed. The vice president said that the steel industry is the backbone of industrialization and the successful cooperation between POSCO and PT Krakatau Steel is an important step to strengthen the industrial sector.

Whereas the Chairman of KEPCO illustrated its partnership with a company in Indonesia to build a power plant in South Sumatra. The vice president said that Indonesia needs of power supply continue to grow and this partnership is an excellent opportunity to increase the capacity of power supply in Indonesia. The Vice President also asked KEPCO to utilize the abundant resources in Indonesia such as hydro, geothermal and wind to build renewable energy.

On the evening, the Vice President as well as Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Indonesia Ambassador attended a dinner by President Park at the presidential palace, Cheongwadae. Dinner was also attended by all heads of state and other foreign representatives who joined the inauguration ceremony.

The next morning, the Vice President had a courtesy call to President Park Geun Hye at Cheongwadae. In addition to briefly discuss the development of bilateral ties, President Park also said happy birthday to the Vice President which was celebrated on February 25. Moreover, the Vice President delivered an invitation to President Park to attend APEC Summit in Bali.

Later in the day the Vice President and his entourage took off from the Seongnam Air Base to go back to Indonesia.


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