In the midst of the global transformation and evolution in regional architecture as well as the increasingly complex economic challenges, APEC is expected to continuously provide its contribution. That was the essence of statement by the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs Marty M. Natalegawa when he opened APEC's Informal Senior Officials' Meeting 2013 at Gedung Pancasila (7/12).

"APEC must be able to maintain and increase its resilience in facing the existing challenges", said Minister Marty. One of the means to achieve such a goal is to maintain close cooperation between APEC members.

The presence of APEC's Senior Officials, according to the Foreign Minister, is essential in promoting the effectiveness of APEC in the year when Indonesia is taking the position as APEC's Chair. In that regard, Minister Marty outlined three specific tasks for APEC's Senior Officials who are present at Gedung Pancasila.

"First, we must maintain the positive momentum of an open trade. This is the most essential", said the Minister. In 1994, Indonesia had initiated the 'Bogor Goals', which contained the important foundation principles of an open and free trade in the region of Asia and Pacific. In 2013, the Foreign Minister hoped that 'Bogor Goals' would be implemented in full.
Second, Minister Marty expects that the goals of economic development should always consider the aspects of equilibrium and fairness. "Economic development must be sustainable, smart and properly done; therefore, all parties would be able to reap the fruits of development".

Third, the Indonesian Foreign Minister reminded the participants that the issue on connectivity is the issue, which of late has become increasingly important. The acceleration of economic progress in the region must always consider the issue on connectivity. "Economies in the region should continue to grow together, to grow equally in accordance with the Dynamic Equilibrium pattern, which put forward common stability and mutually beneficial outlook".

According to Minister Marty, Indonesia's position as APEC's Chair in 2013 has a special meaning. Besides the expectation of repeating the success of the 1994 APEC Summit in Bogor, the 2013 APEC is expected to provide clear solutions to a number of issues in the region while preparing the contribution for the future.
"APEC is not a temporary event or moment, it is a continuous and sustainable process", concluded the Minister.

Previously, the Director General of Asia Pacific and Africa, Ambassador Yuri O. Thamrin stated that on the occasion of Indonesia's Chairmanship of APEC in 2013, the Foreign Ministry has organized two special events, i.e. the APEC Symposium that was held yesterday (6/12) and the ISOM APEC today.

The Informal Senior Officials' Meeting is scheduled to discuss a number of agendas including the implementation of Vladivostok Mandate 2012, the Area of Priorities 2013 and meeting schedules throughout the year of Indonesia's Chair (source: kemlu.go.id).




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