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The Foreign Minister Introduced the Logo of APEC Indonesia 2013

Foreign Minister Marty M. Natalegawa today officially introduced the logo of APEC Indonesia 2013 in Jakarta (7/12/2012). The event was attended by government officials, Indonesian businesses who are active in the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), as well as high-ranking officials from 20 other APEC Member Economies.The event is also a prelude to APEC's Informal Senior Officials' Meeting/ISOM that takes place on the same day. ISOM will be the first of a series of APEC meetings that will be held in Indonesia on the account of Indonesia's position as APEC's Chair in 2013.

The logo depicts the dynamic process and the progress of economic development in Asia Pacific region. It is inspired by bamboo blades, which symbolizes resilience, strength and flexibility, wherein the blades will bend when hit by a strong wind; however, they will gracefully return to their upright position when the wind diminishes.

The stack of straight lines represent the 21 APEC Member Economies and their commitment to closely cooperate with each other in setting the course of economic integration in the region, meanwhile, the straight curve symbolizes the need to promote global economic development. The logo of APEC Indonesia 2013 was decided by the President from a group of winners of a logo-designing contest, which was open to the public and organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hopefully, such contest would increase the Indonesian public's sense of belonging toward the economic agenda that would be promoted through APEC Indonesia 2013.

APEC Indonesia 2013 is intended to promote investment in the sector of infrastructure, empowering the principal elements in society with potential to advance the development of national economics such as SMEs, women, farmers and to ensure that the international market will always be open for Indonesian products.

Indonesia once again is entrusted as the Chair and Host of APEC in 2013 after holding the same position in 1994.
Indonesia's position as Chair and Host of APEC in 2013 hopefully will be a repeat of the success in 1994 APEC Summit that took place in Bogor and the declaration of 'Bogor Goals', which set the course for economic and trade cooperation in the region in line with the national's priorities and interests and as a forum for promoting investment and tourism opportunities (source: Dit. KSI Aspasaf/ trans. Hari).portal kemlu




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