Indonesia joins GGGI


Indonesia joins GGGI

The Republic of Indonesia became the seventeenth country to join the Global Green Growth Institute as a founding member today by signing the Establishment Agreement on the Establishment of the Global Green Growth Institute.Indonesia's Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Nicholas Tandi Dammen to the Republic of Korea signed the Establishment Agreement on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia at a GGGI's offices in Seoul.Ambassador Tandi Dammen said, "We are grateful to the Korean government for establishing GGGI, a new international organization which

promotes green growth activities in developing and emerging countries like Indonesia. Indonesia is proud to be part of this Institute in encouraging green growth projects in developing countries. I have confidence that GGGI will play a significant role in addressing climate change issues around the world."

By signing the Establishment Agreement, Indonesia joins 16 other countries as founding members of the GGGI – including Australia, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ethiopia, Guyana, Kiribati, Korea, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, The Philippines, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam – which signed the Agreement in June in Rio.

Mr. Kim Sang-hyup, Senior Secretary to the President for Green Growth and Environment, Republic of Korea and a member of the GGGI Board of Directors said, "As a board member of GGGI, I am pleased to see the participation of Indonesia, one of the biggest emerging countries, which is dedicated to environmental protection and greenhouse gas reduction. When we 'like-minded' countries move together, we can change the world and create the future."

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a Korea-based think-tank dedicated to green growth, which combines economic growth, environmental sustainability and social inclusion. The GGGI is dedicated to the dissemination and diffusion of green growth to developing and emerging economies. Founded as a Korean foundation in 2010, the GGGI will become an international organization in October 2012.




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