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Application For Film-Video Shooting Permit In Indonesia

To complete our application for film-video shooting permit in Indonesia, we hereby declare that we shall

  1. Obey all regulation of the Government of The Republic of Indonesia (both Central and Provincial Government).
  2. Report on our arrival to the Department of Information c/o Directorate of Film and Video Development in Jakarta to obtain details of Central and Local rules before filming begins.
  3. Be accompanied, without exception by the liaison officer appointed by the Department of Information, and bear all expenses namely board, lodging transportation and daily allowance, for the duration of filming activities.
  4. Shooting should be made only in accordance with the approved script/synopsis and object/location as set out on the shooting permit issued by the Department of Information.
  5. Not to filni forbidden objects, locations or represent information in any way that is harmful to the Republic of Indonesia.
  6. Bear all expenses towards taking objects/locations which have specific rules and if it is necessitated additional expenses will also I)e borne.
  7. Re-export all our shooting equipment at our own expenses upon completion of filming and hear all related costs.
  8. Submit one release copy of the film/video to the Department of Information c.q. Directorate of Film and Video Development through the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for non-commercial purposes based in the National interest in Indonesia and abroad.

Download application form for video shooting permit here :


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